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July 10, 2010

Club kit update – 7th June 2012 part2

From the supplier…

I have had a long talk with Velopus this afternoon to find out exactly what is happening. Your clothing has not yet left Italy yet and the girl who has been relaying false information to me (and probably to other clients) was dismissed at the end of last week, as apparently she has been sitting on orders and not moving them along.

I now have issued them an ultimatum that your clothing must arrive in the UK by the end of next week……with no excuses. They have advised me that it will leave Italy on wednesday or thursday, on an express, next day delivery. I have also mentioned discount to them and I am hoping to secure a 40% discount for you and your club members, because of all the false information that has been relayed to me (and then on to you) and because of the general lateness of the order.

Once again, convey my apologies to your club members and advise them that clothing will be here by the end of next week.
This has been a very difficult period and will culminate in Halo Sports changing our supplier from 1st August onwards, although Veloplus are not yet aware of this.

I will keep you updated next week.

Club kit update – 7th June 2012 part1

Latest message from kit supplier…

I am waiting for an answer from Veloplus now.

I am going to offer a 30% discount to all your members for this order. It is a totally unacceptable situation. We are changing our supplier (Veloplus do not know this yet) and if the clothing is not here by the end of next week I will get this made at our new suppliers.

I have never been let down by Veloplus like this before.I can only put it down to them not employing enough staff to cope with all the orders they have. As soon as I get a reply from them I will update you.

Club kit update – 29th May 2012

Verbatim message from kit supplier…

Hi Iain,

The kit is being sent to me now. I have been very dissatisfied with the length of time to get this order to you, which has been on a ridiculous time scale.

We are setting up with another supplier for the future..this will be fully functioning by 1st July…we are already set up with Jerdeys and Shorts..we are just sorting out Jackets and Accessories now.

I will get this current order to you as quickly as possible. I will give you a daily update from now on until it arrives.
As I mentioned on the phone, once this order has arrived I want to arrange a meeting with your club members to apologise for the delay in the delivery and to assure them that we are changing to a new supplier in the future,who will offer us a much quicker turnaround of 4 weeks for the same clothing garments and materials.

I will also being applying some discount to this order for the delay in getting this clothing made for you…it will be somewhere in the region of a 15% discount.

I am sorry that you are getting the rough end of the stick by having to keep your club members updated with unsatisfactory answers.

Thanks and Best Regards
Halo Sports


Club kit update – 25th May 2012

Our kit supplier has given the manufacturer a deadline of the end of May for the kit to get delivered to us, after this then I’ll have to talk to them to see how they are going to deal with using the new manufacturer.

I know we could ask to go to another supplier altogether but if we do this then we would not get any kit until the end of the year, and as our supplier looks to be doing all they can to sort the situation out then let’s wait and see what they have to say before making any snap decisions.


Next club meeting is May 16th at Sweets cafe near Westhay at 18:30.

We will be going over the proposed TT course with a view of holding an official one possibly in June. Only club members can ride, but people thinking of joining are welcome to come along to chat with everyone.


Jan 2012 kit order is being sent from Italy w/c April 23rd, so hopefully it will be with us soon.


Next club meeting is on April 25th 2012 at Tor Leisure in Glastonbury, 19:30.

Hopefully we will have the club kit delivered that week so I’ll bring it along to this meeting. Iain
Club meeting at 19:30 on Feb 22nd at Witherspoons in Street, please come along!

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