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July 17, 2010



(1)    Apologies

Edric Hobbs, Keith Lamb, Ian Carpenter, Iain Jones, Andy Chamberlain.

(2)     Membership Update

31 paid up members.

(3)     Finances

Edric (Treasurer) had given his apologies but had provided a brief update confirming that there was currently £1,630 in the Bank, albeit some of this is committed towards club kit. Ed would provide a further update under separate cover.

(4)    Club Kit

Club kit has been ordered and a deposit of 50% has been paid. It has allegedly been shipped this week and Iain Hounsell will advise us when received.

(5)    Club Time Trials

It has been agreed that the club will look to organise three or four time trials in the evenings throughout the summer, ideally on the third Wednesday of each month.

It has been agreed that we will run a club members only trial event on 16 May. The following items need to be resolved beforehand.

Risk assessment – Iain Hounsell;
Order race numbers – Iain Hounsell/Edric Hobbs;
Time keeping equipment – Ian Hounsell to research;
Course measurement – Iain Hounsell/Michelle Blackmore to organise;
Registration – Ian will deal on the day;
Marshalls – Rose Bailey has kindly volunteered plus one other required;
Promotion – to be considered after first club event;
Entry fees – day licence – £2 for RTTC registered members, £3 for non-members.
Aim for first rider off at 7.00 and signing on from 6.30 onwards;
Car parking – Nigel Plant to enquire about the availability of SWEETS as Club HQ/parking;
Club rules – all participants in Mendip CC time trials to have mandatory “hard shell helmets”.

(6)    Away Time Trials

Iain Hounsell has already taken part in a number of events. Any other members taking part in away events should provide Ian with results and these will be posted on the club WordPress website.

(7)    Ilton Racing

Four or five members expressed a desire to try the road racing/criterium format at Ilton and it was agreed that the club should invest £45 in obtaining a club race licence.

(8)     Club Rides

It was generally agreed that we should continue to manage the club rides in the current format whereby decision en route is made on the day based on the mix of abilities, weather conditions etc. It was agreed that the club should advise all participants to wear helmets. Non-members welcome to join, but should also be advised that future rides will require a helmet to be worn. It was agreed that club rides shall now be promoted on Saturdays and Sundays, but always to start from the Market Cross at Glastonbury. During the summer months, club rides will now commence at 9.00 am.

(9)    Club BBQ

(10)    Club Website and Facebook

(11)    Membership Cards

Michelle Blackmore kindly volunteered to prepare a club membership card which can be used to obtain club discounts at local shop (see below) and also carry emergency information for club members. Club members to be encouraged to carry cards on all club rides/time trials.

(12)    Membership Renewals 2012/13

Tariff to be agreed.

(13)    Membership Benefits

PJK reported that the proprietor of Bike City had offered club members a 15% discount on all standard priced items on production of evidence of membership of the club in return for the club promoting Bike City on its WordPress website as the club’s preferred partner. Tony also confirmed that wherever possible he will endeavour to match online prices but could not promise to offer a 15% discount on sale items.

(14)    Date and Venue of Next Meeting

(15)    Any Other Business

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