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Mendip Cycling Club Meeting 18th July 2012

July 18, 2010

Mendip Cycling Club Meeting 18th July 2012 at Tor Leisure at 19.00


  1. Appointments
  • Chairman – Joe Degregorio
  • Secretary – Iain Hounsell
  • Treasurer – Paul Knight
  • Club Ride Coordinators (Road) – Keith Lamb and Nigel Plant
  • Club Ride Coordinators (Off Road) Joe Degregorio and Rose Bailey
  • Publicity Officer – Michelle Blackmore
  1. Club Constitution – draft discussed and revised copy attached
  2. Financial Update – information awaited from Edric, Iain to chase up
  3. Membership Update – 31 known paid up members at last meeting, others have signed up since
  4. Membership renewals (from when and how much?)
    1. January renewal.
    2. New members signing up in second half of year pay ½ annual fee.
    3. New members £20 pa (first and second call)
    4. New Junior members £10 pa
    5. Member renewals at £10 pa (Junior £5 pa)
  5. Membership cards – Michelle Blackmore to prepare once membership forms are received from Edric – to be circulated in September.
  6. Membership recruitment – all members must act as ambassadors
  7. Club Kit Update –
    1. new kit to be ordered after our current order has been completed (including replacement of defective items).
    2. IH to get samples from new manufacturer.
    3. 35% discount received (refunds to be organised)
  8. Club TTs –
    1. IH awaiting accreditation.
    2. PK has race numbers.
  9. Sunday Rides – Road ride coordinators appointed – see above.
    1. Helmets to be worn.
    2. New members one rides grace without helmet.
    3. Existing members to ensure roadcraft is maintained
  10. Club trips – PK and RB to investigate options for overseas trip Spring/Autumn.
  11. Website and Facebook policies (appointment of moderators)
    1. new moderators Andy Chamberlain and Carlo de Gregorio elected as facebook administrators
    2. members to use Facebook as positive promoter of Club (results club activity only). No bitching or posting inappropriate links. Regular offenders will be barred.
    3. IH to investigate feasibility of own club URL
    4. PK to circulated e mail list for (internal) communications (thus avoiding inappropriate facebook activity)
  12. Club Social (evening ride and barbeque?) –
    1. evening ride on Weds 8th August start at Glastonbury at 18.30
    2. evening ride and BBQ on Weds 15th August at 18.30 – Tor Leisure Glastonbury (food from 20.00) non riders, family and friends welcome.
    3. NT to arrange food, MW to look into consumables.
  13. Meeting venues – Continue to use meeting room at Tor Leisure.
  14. Any other business –
    1. trophies and awards – maybe at Annual Dinner
    2. Club trip to Olympic Road Race Sat 28 July – spk NP (£13 via Bike It)
    3. Club trip to Olympic TT – Weds 1 August – PK coordinating
  15. Date of next meeting – first Weds after schools go back (5th Sept) at Tor Leisure – TBC
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